Marine Upholstery and Sewing Services

Wild Bill Hickock ("Billy")

Calamity Jane ("Jane")

This is Shelby, our new secretary and official greeter. You will be greeted with great excitement when you come to visit us here.

Sagwa, to whom we serve.

One of the many resident models for the chicken saddles

Pixie Bella Dust, my long time best friend.

Connie Illman

Pixie and me

A Word About Piece By Peace


Mini Man on the left and Lady Bug on the right.

Short term visiter nicknamed Rowdy stayed until he was weaned then off to a rehab centre where he was introduced to his kind to play and grow.


A love of sewing from an early age led to a career in the marine industry sewing for a boat manufacturer in the Owen Sound area. I started sewing and soon began designing and pattern making for the upholstery. Eventually the company acquired the patterns for the boat tops and I took over that department, but continued to assist in the upholstery department, learning the upholstering end of things as well.

When Pixie, the horse you see on the left, became part of the family, I learned very quickly that horse blankets were expensive and always needed repairs, so I extended this service to my fellow horse owners.

A long love of collecting stuffed animals and a desire to create was the background for the handmade teddy bears. Re-purposing old fur coats comes from my love of animals and feel that their legacy should not be discarded.

1190 2nd Avenue East

Owen sound  ON   N4K 2H9

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