plus tax

Handmade teddy ornaments, no glue used! All stitched.

Super soft pencil cases for the tactile teen on your list!

The essential carry all bag!

boat top repairs
marine upholstery

boat upholstery

memory bears

horse blanket repairs


saddle bags

Chicken saddles protect molting chickens form being pecked to death by other chickens. Winter saddles can keep them warm in those freezing temperatures.

Light fabrics are used for the basic saddle ,heavy fabrics lined with lighter fabrics (best for fall) and for the spoiled chicken, we have winter coats lined with sherpa.

A measurement is needed to make sure the saddle fits, as these are average to large chickens.

Hand made rag dolls reminiscent of days gone by.   100.00 plus tax

Over the horn saddle bags made from marine vinyl and boat top materials, so built to last, unlike the store bought ones! 35$

Custom covers for pet carriers

These bags are made from marine vinyls and are fabric lined. The pictures are sewn in using a cut away technique. Exterior is easily cleaned with a wet rag, or for stubborn marks, miracle sponge or spray nine works great. Again, these are built to last. 50$

plus tax

20$ plus tax

Ruck sacks, lined with fabric, sweat proof water bottle holder, with a vinyl side pocket to store extra stuff. Draw string and buckle to keep your stuff in. Great for kids and sleep overs, or trips to the beach. A great carry all!

30$ plus tax




Marine Upholstery and Sewing Services

These soft fluff balls will put a smile on anyones face!

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