Custom stool seats and backs

Here I replaced the leather on my farriers chaps which he uses when trimming hooves.

Portable shed makeover with a much heavier material

Floating chairs get a makeover shown on the right

This was a special project, the chair belonged to the customers Grandmother who had passed and she wanted to recover in the curtians that were in her Grandmothers house. The heavey drapes made a good fabric for the project and customer was very happy.

Custom designed carrying packs for a summer camp. Used to carry jugs.

This poor guy had his nose eaten off, so I had to do a reconstruction on him.

Lawn chair project

Refurbished antique doll carrage bonnet.





Marine Upholstery and Sewing Services

Awning replacements available using Sunbrella.

This easy entry mini horse cart was build by a good friends father and i got creative with the seating.

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