Price list for Real fur Bears with customer provided fur:

10" basic bear     75$

12" basic bear     90$

18" basic bear     120$

basic shirt bears 75$

Sheep        95$

Other requests are priced on an individual basis.

 All bears from this site are sold as collector pieces. I do use safety eyes and joints unless glass eyes are requested. The pads on the bears are made from the lining of the coats.

Other items you see on this page were special requests by customers, and I do my best to create any ideas you may have.

This little guy started the memory shirt bear blitz. The customer wanted to preserve parts of the shirt that meant something, so together we came up with this adorable fellow.

Red fox bear   250$

A mink coat with a fox collar became a furniture throw and a bunny with fox ears, so cute! The original owners name was preserved by using it on the inside of the ear.

Re-purposing fur coats that are not heir looms

Sheared beaver and raccoon

Black mink was the coat that these lovable guys originated.

The sheep are made from a persian lamb coat, the bears are from shirts with a matching tie, and faux fur for the pads and inside the ears.

Bring your unused fur coats and have them made into something wonderful to be loved and passed on.

Heirlooms can be created from old fur coats, shirts, jackets, you name it!


These triplets were made from a mid-length mink. Pads and ear lining is made from the lining of the coat.

Red fox with leather inner ears and pads, as well as amber glass eyes

Personalized memory bears are also an


Due to the huge number of discarded fur coats, I have been collecting them and turning them into second chance fur babies. I offer for sale these creations, and a portion of the sales will be donated to a local animal rescue charity. Please check back regularly to see whats new in this category.

Black mink bunny with leather inner ears and pads and amber glass eyes


Every bear is carefully looked at for character before eyes and noses are put in place. Everyone is different, and the personalities come out when the face is created.

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